Kalpa Vriksha Satyananda

Yoga School - Piossasco (Italy)

Piossasco (Italy), Via Campetto 43
Telephone: 3496693421
E-mail: kvs@yogasatyananda.it
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How to get there from Turin:
coming from the normal road, ringroad or the autoroute, get out of Piossasco town and take the road towards Pinerolo; at the big roundabout, take your right towards Regione Campetto; follow via Monte Orsiera till Strada del Campetto, turn left and enter the gate at number 43.

Kalpa Vriksha Niranjanananda

Yoga Center - Turin (Italy)

Turin (Italy), Via Cantalupo 3/a (on the corner with 59, via San Paolo)
Telephone 3384349377
E-mail: kvn@yogasatyananda.it
facebook page

How to get there:
from Corso Peschiera turn in via San Paolo, proceed towards Piazza Robilant for roughly 200 meters; the Yoga Center is on your left, at the corner between via San Paolo and via Cantalupo. Bus lines: 33-33/-42-55-56-58/-64; Tram line: 16; free parking on the square of via Osasco, one block away from the school.