Sivananda Math

International Solidarity Project

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Sivananda Math is a charity institution founded by Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati, whose aim is to help families in need in two of the poorest regions of India: Bihar and Jharkhanda (North-East).

In 1988 Paramahamsa Satyananda handed the direction of the Bihar School of Yoga and activated with his disciple Paramahamsa Satyasangananda, in the district of Deoghar (Jharkhanda), several social initiatives to help people living in the villages nearby, so to improve the quality of their life and avoid them to leave their houses and to loose the connection with their sound Indian spiritual, cultural, rural family traditions.

During these years, the whole area of the Deoghar district has been provided with electricity, wells and fountains; brick houses, a school and a hospital have been built; sewing machines, looms, tools for agriculture, seeds and livestock have been gifted; loans have been made to start small commercial activities, buy rikshow and carts to transport goods.

Every girl of marrying age has been gifted a dowry, without which no woman in India has the chance to get married, becoming a burden for her own family.

Annuities have been granted to widows without children, that would otherwise have been considered as servants for the family of the deceased husband or as a sort of retirement benefit for old and lonely men.

Special bycicles, that can be ridden only using hands, have been built and gifted in order to allow autonomous movements to people with disabilities or impairments to walk as a consequence of poliomyelitis and leprosy.

Several children are supported in their studies and are encouraged to learn how to speak English language, how to use Information Technologies and are followed while practicing Yoga and other sports.

Kalpa Vriksha contributes to support this Institution allocating to Sivananda Math part of the money coming from subscription fees to Yoga classes and seminars, theathre plays, concerts, Indian dinners, secondhand and local products markets.

The money that is collected for Sivananda Math is directly brought to India from Kalpa Vriksha's students that regularly go to the Ashram in Rikhia to practice Karma and Seva Yoga.

The ways to contribute to help those who have been less lucky in life are limited only by creativity and fantasy and, if you do not have specific artistic skills or time to take part into the many initiatives organised, you can still contribute by giving to Sivananda Math a small amount of money and you will receive a regular receipt that can be detracted from taxes.

"Learning to see ourselves in our neighbors, their sufference as our sufference, their joy as our joy, we grow up. The more we give to our neighbors, the more we grow in spirit."
Paramahamsa Satyananda